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Yes, I Am An Author Book Writing Bootcamp (Orlando, FL)

Imagine finally moving forward with that book you’ve been sitting on for years. That book you’ve started writing and then stop. Imagine having a step-by-step to writing, publishing, and marketing your book and not having to piece pieces of info together or experiences information overload.

Hi, I’m Shekenya Harris. I have written and published multiple books over the years, though I have recently pulled them all to republish them under my own publishing company. I’ve also coached students that have gone on to publish multiple books as well.

Let me share some of the challenges most of my clients and students have had. See if you have some of the same challenges.

  • Easily distracted and easily lose focus
  • Struggle with writer’s block
  • Don’t have a clear writing plan which leads to being all over the place
  • Scared of what other’s will say about your book
  • Overthinking the process
  • Wondering if what you have to say is enough to fill “enough” pages
  • Have no clue of how to market your book
  • Don’t quite understand the publishing process
  • Don’t have confidence in yourself
  • Struggling to believe you are good enough to become an author
  • Stuck on whether or not your book will be good enough
  • You experience fear you can’t really explain

Do you have some of those challenges? Would you like to overcome them and see your book through from start to finish? Would you like to experience successfully publishing your book and the amazing feeling that comes along with it?

Join me at the Yes, I Am An Author Book Writing Bootcamp! 

You owe it to yourself to become the author you desire to be!!! Whether you just want to empower others or share your testimony, you have to do this!

Here’s what you can expect to get out of this book writing bootcamp:

  • Learn how to avoid and overcome writer’s block
  • Newfound confidence in your ability to write an amazing book
  • Learn the writing process from start to finish
  • Learn how to prep your book for editors
  • Learn which companies are great to use for publishing
  • Learn how to obtain your ISBN and barcode for your book
  • Learn how to monetize your book
  • Learn how to market online and offline
  • Resources for editing, formatting, and graphics
  • At least half of your book written
  • Watch me publish a book live at the event

What’s included with your ticket purchase:

  • Full day of instruction, assignments, and assistance
  • Launch and refreshments
  • Mini photoshoot

The book writing bootcamp will be held in Orlando, FL. Exact address will be emailed to ticket holders only.


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